Calculating Interest and Dividends

Torches and Pitchforks

Please check your torch and pitchfork at the door.

The Foster-Glocester School District’s oft-maligned budget was approved by voters Tuesday night as the  mini-vans in the high school parking lot outnumbered the four-wheel drive pick-up trucks by just enough to stave off threatened cuts from the already skeletal plan. If the budget had been slashed any deeper, it would most likely have been Ponaganset’s storied school sports, music and extracurricular programs that would have been lobbed off with  the first blow of the taxpayers’ angry halberd. (A tax savings to be eagerly re-invested at a Foxwood’s bingo table, no doubt.)

Many who annually war against Ponaganset’s budget fail to see the value of these activities, and would shed no tear at their eradication. Yet student after student not only reap the benefits of the programs, but they also excel at them.  Local media has been peppered as of late with engaging stories of Ponaganset students who have earned spectacular achievements as a result of their extracurricular participation.

It could be argued that these successes are a result of involved parents, or even (gasp!) dedicated teachers. Perhaps true. But there can be no doubt that the mere existence of these programs and the opportunity and exposure they offer are irreplaceable, and provide students an enrichment, meaning and perspective on their lives that are a financial bargain by anyone’s measure.

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