Animal Farm

Where is Napoleon when you need him?

Where is Napoleon when you need him?

Bonniedale Farm is teetering on the edge of non-existence. The Snake Hill Road farm and tack shop, which also serves as a safe haven for 100 abandoned animals, has been foreclosed upon and efforts are frantically underway to purchase the farm back from the bank.

Sadly, even the farm’s owner is not optimistic, and was recently quoted in the Providence Journal as saying, “these animals are going to slaughter.”

I have met no one who wants to see such a unique place disappear.

But who do you blame for the downfall? Some suggest the blame lies with the owners themselves for not having a more effective business plan. Others blame egregious errors on the part of the bank. Others blame the economy in general, the end of an era, or maybe just bad luck.

But there is no doubt that those with two legs really fouled up a pretty good thing. And unless Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer and the gang are plotting behind the scenes, the final outcome may become even more dystopian than even Orwell could imagine.


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